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About Us - a Shared Family Calendar System


There are lots of social networks built for sharing silly stuff with everyone you have ever met (and a lot that you will never meet!).  

But didn’t you ever wonder why there was no social network designed to let you focus on sharing important things with just the few people who are really close to you?  A social network that let's you manage a family calendar?  Family To Do Lists? Share Family Photos?   

One that lets you share things like…. What should we do tomorrow?



Did you see how goofy we look in this picture?



What songs should we play on our road trip?


That’s what is for.

Coordinating life – With your family.  With your friends.  With your “besties”. 

Go ahead.  Give us a try. We’re free and easy, and we give you a private, personal place on line for coordinating life.



Sign up.  {#/pub/images/duck.jpg} 


Invite the important people in your life to join you.


Share calendars and events


Share To Do Lists


Share photos


Make Plans. 


Make life happen.  

{#/pub/images/KirstenPhotoBW.jpg} Kirsten Bischoff is Founding Partner of A graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts, she has spent most of her career entrenched in the highly entertaining world of…finance.  Kirsten gained operational experience running internal operations at a hedge fund startup that grew to $1bn in assets, and then spent 3 years as an Executive Assistant at BlackRock.  She most recently toiled as Senior Editor for an online financial news publication, and is currently a contributor for She lives in Springfield, NJ and when she is not working on, can usually be found playing chauffer to her over-scheduled twelve-year-old daughter Sophie. 
{#/pub/images/MeganPhoto.jpg} Megan Brown is Founding Partner of  She has over a decade’s worth of Wall Street Experience spanning both Sales Trading and Asset Management Sales & Marketing.  A Bear Stearns alum, Megan worked for eight years on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange before transitioning into an Institutional Equity Sales Trading Role.  In 2005 Megan moved to Bear Stearns Asset Management where she became Managing Director, Head of Global Platform Sales & Wholesale Distribution, responsible for overseeing nearly $7 billion in assets.  She was also selected as one of 31 women to be profiled by Bear Stearns during 2008’s Women in History Month.  In January of 2009 Megan successfully transitioned to JP Morgan as Director of National Accounts for the Institutional Advisory Business within JP Morgan Asset Management.  In this role Megan oversaw the relationship with four large financial institutions, accounting for approx. $18 billion in assets under management, spanning both equities and fixed income products.  She holds a BBA from The University of Cincinnati along with her Series 7 & Series 63 licenses. Megan is now happily an entrepreneur and lives in Westfield, NJ with her husband Josh and their daughter Madeleine.