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A Fashion Gift Guide: What to Buy For Your Man

By Kik (514 words)
Posted in Fashion on September 20, 2012

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Your man’s birthday or your anniversary rolls around again, and you find yourself scratching your head over what to buy him this year. Take inspiration from our simple guide, and make the most of the opportunity to put a smile on his face when he unwraps his stylish gift.


Up to $20

Admittedly, you are not going to be spoiling him if you are spending in this price range, however at the same time buying something small and sweet and can be a great way to supplement any other purchases you may have made for him.

At this price you are very much in simple accessories range. So try out a scarf, or even a pair of stylish everyday sunglasses that he can wear in the car or when out casually. Great style does not have to mean designer and high price!



$20 to $50

In this range you open up far greater possibilities for your gift purchases, and while accessories may still be playing a part in your thinking you can now look at wider fashion gifts, too.

Depending on your man’s style and what he likes, go for a sports jacket or perhaps a stylish piece of knitwear. You are unlikely to find anything with a real “wow” factor in this price range again, however you will easily pick up a number of stylish, functional pieces that will most likely match up well with most of what is already in his wardrobe.

Go for a retro styled jacket or some casual lightweight knitwear for a relaxed yet sophisticated style.



$50 to $100

As we move into the higher end of the price scale you can start to factor in designer wear, or spending more on single pieces. Of course, another alternative if you have this budget is to buy a few smaller things, however buying one will give you the chance to buy a real statement piece for your man’s wardrobe.

We would always recommend going for something for the lower half when it comes to this price range, so that means either quality denim or plimsolls. Darker denim leaves much more room for manoeuvre when it comes to outfit building, so always go for those rather than lighter styles and washes.

In terms of footwear, try casual stylish plimsolls or trainers, but avoid white at all costs!



Over $100

We are definitely into more designer territory now, and at this price it is often best to go back to accessories. A stylish bag or even a designer watch are great purchases for his everyday use, with a leather messenger bag perfect for both work or a weekend away.



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Note from Kirsten:  We LOVE this site. There's lots of great advice on here for real people, and great tips for anyone looking to be more fashionable in a real way.  See below before/after. 




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pop alex posted on: September 24, 2012

nice gift ideas

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