Is Gender Toy Division Justified?

If there is a baby in a family, then the house is full of ​​colorful toys. It is impossible to imagine a childhood without toys. However, many people do not realize the importance of toys in a child’s life. They are not only designed to give him joy and take a little time for his consideration. Toys are a model of the real world where the child lives and develops. Toys of different colors and textures are prototypes of real-world objects. At the first stage the baby is playing with rattles that teach him to feel the objects and distinguish sounds. At this stage, it is important to choose bright color toys consisting of large parts, thus, the baby will learn to focus his gaze on them.

When children grow up, they want to be like their parents. Formation of the science of childhood falls on the 20th century. Prior to that, children were considered as small adults, so from an early age, parents tried to convey their experience through songs, rituals, everyday life. There was a clearly traced division by gender. Currently, these boundaries are being erased. For instance, a bright doll and a doll house can attract the attention of the boy, he will even enjoy playing with them. The girls will not refuse to ride in the car.

It goes without saying that the role of the toys is enormous in a child’s development.

Let’s take the emotional side. Only look at the admiring eyes of a child who has been given a car or a doll, the burst of joy and energy flush the child when he takes the toy in his hands and begins to play with it. And try to take away it! You’ll definitely get a contrary result;

It is worth noting that toys develop the imagination. This characteristic is a direct way to the development of spatial thinking, logic and creative possibilities. Playing with toys is also a great way to develop tactile and good motor skills. Touching different objects, a child gets the concept of sensations such as roughness, smoothness, softness, etc. Moreover, toys help to develop creative thinking. They form the foundations of a child’s surrounding world in images, that is, understanding of how fruits, vegetables, animals, shapes look like and what is their place in his life.

Another point bothering parents is the question if they need to gender toys. According to the latest results in the child psychology research, a conscious sexual differentiation in respect of toys happens when children are over 3. It is assumed that it is imposed by social stereotypes than the child’s desire. And the fact that a small little man at the age of about one-year-old likes dolls with bright faces, play kitchens or soft toys is not a reason to worry about his future. A clear division of the roles of boys and girls is closer to 5-6 years old. At this age, boys have to try on the role of builders, soldiers, drivers and other “male” professions, bringing it all in the game. And that is why they choose appropriate toys. 6-year-old girls master the female mission as motherhood and housekeeping, as well as some professions (doctor, hairdresser, shop-assistance, etc.). Therefore, in addition to the dolls they already need play kitchens, furniture, home appliances, cosmetic kits and kits for children’s role-playing games.

As you see, toys are a priori in the children’s life. Therefore, your function is to ensure the child’s safety, choose age-appropriate toys and take an active part in games or not interfere. And let the childhood of your toddler be happy!

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