Nursery Furniture

A nursery room is the same as a roofless house. Furnishing the nursery, when expecting a baby, parents can be faced with a lot of questions about how to choose the right furniture, what to look for, how to make the room as comfortable as possible. How to understand all the nuances?

We are going to speak about a baby’s room. A cot bed (a crib), a changing table, a dresser, storage boxes are the main pieces of furniture for a nursery room.

You should take into the consideration the following common rules for nursery furniture:

  1. Safety and quality.
  2. Reliable furniture fastening.
  3. The furniture must correspond the kid’s age.

Now, it’s time we considered some useful and helpful pieces of nursery furniture.

Choosing a Cot Bed

Cots are the most important things. A newborn baby spends all his time there. When purchasing a crib, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

  • – The front wall should have several positions – at least two.
  • – The cot bed should be selected only from natural materials with a coating of non-toxic paints and varnishes.
  • – When choosing a mattress for a crib, it is better to decide on the qualitative orthopedic variant.
  • – It’s convenient when the cot bed has a built-in box for different things. This will help to organize additional storage.
  • –  Think about buying soft protective cloth in a crib unless it is included.
  • –  The legs should be stable, the cot bed should stand firm and motionless in order the child will not fall and get an injury when he stands up.
  • –  The bed bottom should be adjusted in height.
  • –  The crib should have only rack bottom for a proper air circulation.

Very often, a cot bed is a multifunctional piece of furniture. Thus, it can be combined with a changing table, be transformed into a baby cot or a set of furniture for the grown-up child.

Choosing a Changing Table

A changing table is also very important. Many parents neglect this piece of furniture for newborns, but in vain!

Today there is a huge variety of these pieces of furniture. What to look for:

  • – A changing table should have three sides.
  • – It is an advantage if a special soft mattress of the ideal size is included.
  • – There should be no sharp edges or damage that may injure or scratch the child.
  • – The height of the table is selected by the mother’s height for her comfortable using.
  • – It is preferable if the changing table has shelves and drawers that may serve you as storage space
  • – The materials of the table should be only natural with non-toxic paints and varnishes.

Storage Space

Storage space is one of the most important items of furniture for a newborn.

The requirements for these child attributes are the same as for all the others:

  • – Completely natural materials.
  • – Non-toxic paints and varnishes.
  • – The absence of sharp corners and damage.
  • – Convenience for Mom.
  • – The design is suitable for the interior of the nursery.

If you want to organize additional storage space, you should buy a cot bed with drawers underneath or a transformer with a mobile drawer unit. Sometimes a changing table with a chest of drawers comes in handy.

Some parents wonder if it is worth buying upholstered furniture for the nursery.

Parents often buy a lot of upholstered furniture in the nursery room trying to give comfort. But in fact, this is not entirely correct.

If the room is being prepared for a newborn, you should not abuse soft toys and pieces of upholstered furniture. Such things are the storage for dust which can cause allergies.

Moreover, upholstered furniture gets dirty rapidly and needs dry-cleaning that is also undesirable for the things in the nursery room.

In conclusion, we would like to notice that furnishing the nursery room is your responsibility and do not forget about the quality and convenience as well as the safety of interior items for the babies.

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