Heating a Bottle

It’s not always a good way out to take your baby with you everywhere. That is why a bottle of formula or breast milk comes in handy.

Breast milk is the water of life for a baby. It is possible to store it for future use. It is well kept frozen without losing its beneficial properties. But for this, it is necessary to heat it properly. And then the baby will get tasty and healthy milk, even if the mother is temporarily absent.

So, you need to heat a bottle of formula or breast milk, then, you should learn some rules how to do it properly and safely.

If you have frozen breast milk, defrost it replacing it from the freezer to the refrigerator.

Remember to use the milk during 3 hours after its defrosting. In order to preserve the breast milk or formula nutrients, follow the rules:

  •    Defrosted milk must not be frozen again!
  •    Heat breast milk (formula) only 1 time!
  •    The milk must correspond to body temperature 36-37 °C. Do not overheat it!
  •    Before giving it to your baby, be sure to mix the milk (or formula) thoroughly because it can be warmed up unevenly!

You can heat the milk in a few ways:

  1. Under a stream of warm water, shaking the bottle.
  2. On a water bath, stirring the contents of the bottle.
  3. The bottle warmers can do this task. A good bottle warmer can quickly heat up any baby bottles to a temperature of breast milk without the risk of accidental overheating. It allows maintaining an optimum temperature for half an hour or more. It is very convenient, especially for night feedings.

Skip the microwave oven. This way is undesirable as microwaves heat the mixtures unevenly and can deplete the nutrients in the formula. If you happen to heat in the microwave oven, after heating the milk, mix well enough.

Follow these rules and let your baby be happy, satisfied, and healthy!

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