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Small Talk: Big Topics (17)

By Kik (1288 words)
Posted in Advice & Tips on June 15, 2012

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And Happy Fathers Day Weekend! 

Which means that this weekend moms will do all the work.  So – I’m not really sure that Father’s Day is even an official celebration – because it seems to me that every day is Father’s Day.  Lol.  But – for those of you planning family brunches, or family barbecues to celebrate what is shaping up to be a beautiful weekend for much of the US – here is your weekly dose of updates and insights so that you can engage in witty chit chat and show off all that you know.




What a crazy week – all around the globe!  You would think that June weather and impending summer vacations would have everyone a bit more staid and proper than they are during the cooler months.  NO SUCH THING!  We’re going to take a quick global swing this week – because chances are – if you are in the financial markets, or have a spouse that works in finance, or even know people in that sector – this will be the hot topic for the weekend:  GREECE!!


If you missed it – Greece is in a bit of a mess.  Total financial meltdown in a few weeks.  I mean – Greece – basically is me.  I had seven cents in my bank account the other day.  And without an infusion of cash from a very reliable source (Thank you mom and dad) I would have found myself wandering the streets with Sophie, her teddy, Henrietta and the largest cardboard box we can find.  Such is the predicament in Greece.  NOW – to make it even more insane – this weekend they are having an election – of sorts.  I say “of sorts” because if you sometimes think that we have doozies of candidates over here (I’m talking to you Mrs. Palin) – well in Greece – she would seem both reserved and scholarly. 


Here is a cheatsheet of the election: SOURCE


And here is a video to show you some of what the debating looks like as “Greek neo-nazi hits a communist woman. A debate on live Greek television shows how tempers can become frayed during a live political debate.?The spokesman for the far right Golden Dawn party Ilias Kasidiaris attacked two female members of left-wing parties.”  Insane!! Right??




Okay – I don’t know how to sum up what is happening in the rest of Europe.  But I can say that it is safe for Americans to start planning overseas trips for 2013 because the dollar will definitely be at an advantage.  The downside is – you might have to try and stay on the edge of the rioting. 

Thanks to my brother – we have the below clip which he sent to me.  This guy does a better job in summing up what is going on over there than any article or anything I can write – PLUS – he is highly entertaining.  The only way this would be better would be if every now and then he would discuss the plight of Muggles.  J





Just a few minutes ago – it was announced that the President had signed legislation that would end the deportation of young immigrants who have never committed a violent crime. HERE

It’s an interesting idea.  I mean – instead of marching orders these kids will get work permits.  Here’s my problem – THERE ARE NO JOBS!  So a work permit is great, but it must be really frustrating to be told you can work, and then told there is no work.  So what happens to these kids then?  They need to do other things for money?  What?  I can only think of criminal acts.  Which means crime would rise and then they would only find themselves deported.  NOW – I have NO IDEA what would be a solution that would satisfy everyone and make everyone happy.  If it were possible to give everyone a job I am sure that is what most people would want to see happen.  I’m just wondering where this leaves us.  Because Romney has a “Latino” problem, and this sure seems like a quick fix for Obama to exploit that problem and gain votes.  Is votes by any means necessary the best way to go?  Again – I don’t know.  But all fodder for thought and discussion.





It was reported this week that Chris Brown (yes the one that beat up his famous girlfriend) and Drake (not a duck – or a coffee cake – but another rapper/singer) had a fight in a NY Club. SOURCE 

Actually I don’t know if they fought – but their entourages fought and other people there were hurt, and it reminded me of another ridiculous “WAR” in the music industry that ended with the deaths of two talented musicians.  I just wonder if things are so bad in that industry again that this is a PR stunt – a ploy to get notoriety (you would be hard pressed to convince me otherwise), or if these two chuckleheads are serious?  Because don’t they remember that these things tend to end with people getting hurt?  Do you talk to your kids about things like this happening? I know it’s the entertainment industry and not worthy of much time for discussion considering how idiotic the whole thing is – but PERSONALLY I like to point out to Sophie whenever I can when I see people acting like idiots.  It’s a good way to try and talk to her about life, and if it is happening in entertainment – usually it is something she finds interesting to discuss. 




There are plenty of movies that ask the question.  But every now and then someone does something in real life that brings it up.  Now – this is probably not good for dinner conversation – but the story is interesting from the point of bringing up the question of what someone would do if they saw a member of their own family being hurt.  In short – a man in Texas killed a man whom he said was molesting his young daughter.  SOURCE Now – I have no idea if this is true – and I guess that is half the problem if you react to something with violence.  But it brings up interesting questions:

Do you consider yourself the mama bear of the family?  Is your spouse the one that would exact revenge for something done to your children?  Would you?  Or would you do it together?  I may not get along with Sophie’s dad much, but we do both agree that when it comes to her – we are a united front. 





Michelle Obama has a Pinterest Board.  Did you know that you can add Pinterest RSS Feeds to your BlogRoll?  That way you’ll see when there is a new addition to someone’s board. See her boards HERE



This summer they will be launching an Android app, a platform for developers to leverage, and an iPad app. SOURCE


One Quarter of Everything you Read on Facebook

Has been embellished.  Read about that fantastic vacation your friend from high school took?  Look closely at the pictures and read between the lines – chances are, it’s a little less fantastic than it sounds. HERE








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