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Small Talk: Big Topics (19)

By Kik (1169 words)
Posted in Advice & Tips on June 29, 2012

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Happy Last Friday in June!!!  I cannot believe that next week will usher in July!  I feel like I’m blinking and the summer is slipping through my fingertips.  BUT – the good thing about next week?  Shorter work weeks!  Holiday celebrations!  That amazing feeling of patriotism that swells in all of us as we picnic, party, and watch fireworks to celebrate the fact that we were so lucky to be born in this time and in this place.  Pretty amazing right? 

So as you ready for the weekend, and hopefully get some time to yourself – here’s a roundup of the week’s top current events so that you have plenty to chit chat about with friends, spouses, significant others and family.





John Edwards and his Baby Mama Have Broken Up


Rielle Hunter said this week that she and John Edwards have broken up. SOURCE  Usually, when one person in a relationship writes a book to discuss with the public their affair, and their dead wife’s last moments on earth – it probably doesn’t do much to stoke the flames of desire. 


The Pursuit of Happiness and Health Insurance for All


The Supreme Court has held up the Obama Health Insurance Law. SOURCE  

I don’t know a lot about the ins and outs of this health insurance law.  I just know that I feel the way the system was (not) working for so many people, required us to try something new.  I pay an insane amount of health insurance for myself and Sophie every month, but I am happy that I have this coverage.  I know way too many people that have no health insurance (I for one for had none for all of 2011 and only by sheer luck had coverage when I found out I needed surgery), and living like that adds so much stress that in itself it is unhealthy. 

How do you feel about the health coverage system?  Is this the answer?  Or are there other things that you think we should try?



No Hares Here – This Race Seems to be Just 2 Tortoises


As of earlier this week “Obama is leading Romney 47–44, though his lead is within the margin of error.” SOURCE  

Of course, this does not take into account Thursday’s Supreme Court decision - which - because it came from a very conservative court - does speak volumes about the strength of the health care law.  

Does this race hold any excitement for you?  What are the topics that you would like to see the candidates debate?




There is Still Too Much Hate in Our World


Its just too difficult to make much sense out of stories like this.  But I thought that this loss needed to be discussed. 

“Friends and family of two teenage girls in a same-sex relationship who were shot in the head in a South Texas park expressed shock and grief Tuesday over the incident in which one of the young women was killed and the other severely injured.” SOURCE

 Nevermind the fact that a teenager was killed, and another severely injured, it seems to have had to do with the fact that they were romantically involved.  I just don’t understand how we can judge anyone for love.  There are so many silly beliefs that people had in times past that we look back at in history and shake our heads at - – but really – how far have we come in realizing the value of human life, and accepting the fact that we know so little about human nature, ourselves, and what is truly right and wrong?  Not much it seems. 



Everything in Moderation


“A new study published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association adds powerfully to the notion that low glycemic diets are the way forward.” SOURCE

I wondered this week while in the kitchen forced to cook healthy foods on the stove in the heat – what the statistics were tracking the rising obesity weights in this country with the advent of “a microwave in every kitchen”.  Because in my mind, that’s when diets started to really disintegrate.  Its not like microwaves are conducive to healthy eating.  Anyway – this new study showed that the best weight loss events came from high protein “Zone-like” diets – but that these had bad effects on long-term health.  What has good weight loss but also instilled the best long term health results?  “a low glycemic diet, with 40 percent carbs — minimally processed grains, fruit, vegetables and legumes — 40 percent fat and 20 percent protein.”

That sounds pretty do-able to me.  How about to you?  How do you approach the way you eat?  Do you at all?  I didn’t until recently.  But if this is really the secret to the best health – why is this not how the food pyramid, and school lunches are prepared?


$10 Million Ain’t Bad – Unless You Have to Give Up Your Dignity To Get It


Well – they did it.  The Today Show shafted Ann Curry this week. Though they did give her a reported $10 to go quietly into the night. SOURCE

I’m not a big Good Morning America fan – but I might be now after witnessing the public hanging that NBC arranged for possibly the hardest working woman in morning television.  I still say that the producers should be fired, not the woman (but its always easy to blame the woman right?).  I give Curry kudos for leaving with dignity – and NBC gets a big thumbs down for handling this like bumbling fools – planting stories about kicking her to the curb as they negotiated her leave, and then sitting her on that couch with her replacement basically for a public firing.  Ugh. 





Internet Safety for your Kids is Getting Easier

This week we blogged about Internet safety and kids SOURCE

But what was so cool about that post?  The mention of two tools that parents can use to keep an eye on what their kids are doing online.  They are:

UKnowKids - An all-encompassing service that provides intelligence for parents ranging from:  Facebook monitoring to mobile phone and text monitoring to insight on lingo and slang, and perhaps most importantly a focus on teaching your child Internet safety as well. 

MinorMonitor - A service focused mainly on Facebook safety.  It alerts parents to things such as connections with low interactions with other users, a focus on tracking pictures uploaded by your child, and more.  


Speaking of Kids and Tech…..The next Angry Birds?  Is Alex

Want to know what game the makers of Angry Birds are going to try and addict us all with next?  The Amazing Alex.  You can catch a glimpse of that HERE



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