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Small Talk: Big Topics (25)

By Kik (972 words)
Posted in Advice & Tips on August 10, 2012

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I don’t have to work this weekend!!!


I mean – I probably will work this weekend – but when I do – it will be in my pajamas, with the tv on, and rain beating against the window – the exact perfect way to have to work on a weekend – NOT out pitching a product and feeling like PT Barnum (I do love everyone I met over the past 2 weekends – but damn I am TIRED!)


Anyway – in between these pajama-clad bouts of work, I intend to make witty conversation about some of the interesting things that happened this week.  Want to find out what they were?  Read on my friends!!




I kind of feel like in honor of Congress taking a 5 week summer vacation – we should call a time out on politics….


HOWEVER – because our politicians left on this break – it is IMPERATIVE that we stay on top of things.  I mean – first of all – when was the last time you had a five week vacation???  How about 5 days??? 


Second – as a friend of mine on Facebook pointed out – Congress took this break without addressing the concerns of Farmers being pounded by a record breaking drought across the country’s mid-section.  Does that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?  I hope not. 


What Happened This Week In the Presidential Race?

I’m pretty sure nothing.  Want to know how I know this?  The only conversation on morning television was bickering.  And it was bickering over nothing.  Missteps that various spokespeople for the candidates made.  You know what?  Gimme a break.  What I really wish is that nobody was allowed to be a spokesperson for the candidates and that the candidates themselves were the ones having all of these discussions with reporters in print and television. 


"How can people so close to the two presidential candidates be so ignorant? Team Obama’s got an Obama campaign spokesperson Jen Psaki and deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter, and Team Romney’s got Andrea Saul, a Romney campaign spokesperson, all of whom are practically fighting over which one of them can “lose” the election quicker for their chosen candidate.

Many Americans already assume that the cream-of-the-intelligent-crop of Americans isn’t always the one who goes into anything politics-related. But when the supposedly-best candidates of the two major parties – President Barack Obama and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney staff their campaigns with the likes of Psaki, Cutter and Saul, things appear to be extremely dismal. One of these two presidential candidates is actually going to run the country until 2016 when they embed their campaigns with people like these?"



Because bickering over what stupid things minions say is really just a tactic to get us to ignore the fact that neither candidate seems to be proposing anything about the future at all (if you have heard solid policy points – PLEASE point me to them!).  They are both simply sounding like two kids pointing their fingers at each other to try and get out of trouble on some homemade disaster – instead of doing what mom really wishes they would do on their own and JUST FIX IT!!

Do I sound tired and cranky??  Sorry – I haven’t had a day off in three weeks!!



Heavenly Creatures

Have you seen the reason why women are tuning into the broadcasts of the Mars Rover Expedition?  Oh my – he is just adorable – and maybe just cute enough to convince you that $2.5bn to get an electronic car to mars was a good use of our funds. 


Bobak Ferdowsi – remember the name. 



The End of the Pony Express?



Every time I read bad things about the postal service I get really sad.  The postal service is one of the best things about this country.  Well – I fell that way every year when I get a random letter.  The other 354 days the post office only delivers me bills and junk mail.  But mail is important.


Email has taken over – but the mail service is still very important. 



Huffington Post is Up In Arms over Justice Roberts Wife

“a source close to the Roberts family, who requested anonymity in order to discuss judicial deliberations, told The Huffington Post that the justice's wife, Jane, exercises a "heavy influence" over her husband.”   SOURCE



WTF?  Really?  Is this news? 


I don’t know anything at all about this woman – but I can tell you this.  Lord – I hope that Justice Roberts wife holds sway over his opinions.  Because I hope that our Supreme Court Justices are just like the rest of us – HUMAN.  Jeez Louise.  Maybe it’s a slow news month??? 


What about you – do you hold sway over your spouse?  Does this news shock you?  Or is this just a "slow news month" story?



Do You Have Guts Like This?



I believe that I have a pretty high threshold for pain.  


I went through 3 hours of labor at a minute on and a minute off - with no drugs.  

I had severe appendicitis for months thinking it was a bad stomach ache. 


But I do not think that I would finish running a race with a broken bone. A US sprinter did just that at the Olympics this week. 


"I was doing my job," Mitchell said. "But probably at 201 meters, I heard it and I felt it."

He credited something more than simple adrenaline for pushing him the rest of the way around the track.

"Faith, focus, finish. Faith, focus, finish. That's the only thing I could say to myself," he said. SOURCE


What is the most painful thing you have ever experienced?  Did you ever grin and bear it for some greater good?

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