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Small Talk: Big Topics (26)

By Kik (1307 words)
Posted in Advice & Tips on August 17, 2012

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Okay.  Its here again.  I know I know – silly Kirsten – Its here every seven days! – TGIF. 


I’m sorry – I sometimes think that writing this post once a week makes me focus MORE on the news than I have before – and the news this summer is SOOOO DUMB it may be aggravating me more than I thought. 


Okay – so I bravely waded waist deep into the news this week JUST so that you would not have to.  Below are some of the biggest, and maybe just the oddest news stories that I came across – with a few thoughts and kernels that you might use to inspire great conversations poolside, lakeside, or beachside this weekend.




A Gaffe A Minute

Here he is……Mr. Vice President……


The pageantry finally ended last weekend when Mitt Romney announced that Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan would be his running mate for the Presidential Election. SOURCE


Romney’s announcement – was sort of entertaining in itself, as he mistakenly MC’d Ryan’s slow walk to the podium by saying WWF Wrestling style:  “The NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES – PAUL RYAN!”  lol.  Um oops. 


For me- it got even funnier then, when Mitt figured out his verbiage faux pas and went to correct himself.  Because the next moment we saw was him flinging his arm around Ryan and saying “I’ve made a lot of mistakes”.  Ummmm…..somewhere it actually makes me chuckle that there was a PR flack (or a thousand) that were inwardly dying a slow death.  The first words you say standing next to your VP pick are “I’ve been known to make a few mistakes” LOL. 


Okay – BUT then – its even better in the fact that – all of that weird language really didn’t even cause much commentary at all on the parts of the news media.  If this had happened at the beginning of the campaign – that’s all the focus would have been on.  But I feel like there have been so many different verbal gaffes (intentional/unintentional and pure Freudian in nature) that we’re now numbed to them.


What do you think about the 24 hour news coverage?  Have we now completely diluted what it means to have a political campaign??  Have we so totally saturated the dialogue with meaningless bullshit because news media needs to fill 24 hours of programming that it is impossible for anyone to focus on the actual important topics?  Are we a nation of ADD sufferers thanks to cable news?



Oh….and then there’s this.







Do you want to Stare Death in the Face?


Well – you will apparently have to wait until next Spring to do so.


The rollout of New York city’s long-awaited bike share program has been delayed until at least the spring.  SOURCE


I’m not so sure about this.  Look – I LOVE to bike ride.  I still have my Giant Iguana Mountain bike from college (in a highly coveted gunmetal finish) and I tool around into my suburban town on that – and I’m still fearful about the crazy, stupid, and texting drivers around me.


Add in tourists and cabbies and potentially hysterical horse and buggies  – and I would say that bike riding would quickly become a life or death situation. 



Tell Me Something I don’t Know


Though the media has focused on the plight of unemployed dads, it’s moms who are suffering the most in the current recession, a new study shows. 

The study, which looked at the outcomes for laid-off workers across the United States, found that married women with kids spent more time in-between jobs than married dads.

Making matters worse for the moms was the big pay cut they took once they finally found a job: On average moms lost $175 per week more than dads, according to the study, which was presented at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association.  SOURCE






Breaking Up Is Hard To Do


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say – I’ve never really felt anything for Robert Pattinson.  Seriously.  He’s in movies I love.  He was Cedric in Harry Potter, he was (of course) Edward in Twiglight, and well – who knows what else he’s been in really – but I was never moved one way or the other about the guy.  He just seemed to be someone who was lucky, who had that certain whatever it is that drives teenage girls wild, and is riding the wave of a certain amount of success and notoriety.

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Robert Pattinson
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But then I watched this Jon Stewart clip this week  – and I have to say – I kind of get it now.  He’s really a bit adorable and watching this I really feel badly for both him and for Kristen Stewart in what they have to go through in the public eye.


Now – having said that – they definitely made a choice to be in the public eye.  I believe that everyone has a right to a life, but that being in Hollywood – many stars leverage their life for gain, and then try and maintain ownership over it when they want to – which doesn’t really work.  You could argue that the two things (Hollywood and notoriety) go hand in hand – but couples like Matt Damon and his wife, and Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner, and even Brad and Angelina recently to some effect – manage to stay out of the spotlight. 


I think this is all very interesting to watch from the sidelines.  I think it also says a lot about our culture still though – that a young woman, who was bedded by an older man who was her boss and who took marital vows – is the one catching all the blame.  Its amazing to me really.



The Butterfly Effect

Im sorry – this FREAKS ME OUT.


Researchers in Japan say they have found evidence that radiation from the March 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident has caused the mutation of dozens of butterflies.

Features such as stunted wings, irregularly developed eyes, disfigured antennas and different color patterns found in butterflies from irradiated regions have led scientists to say they have found evidence to suggest a link between the genetic mutations and the radioactive material that was leaked into the environment last year.  SOURCE


You know what that makes me think of? 

Did you ever see the movie THE HOST







I have no idea what to say about this picture of the story that goes with it.  Talk amongst yourselves.






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