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Small Talk: Big Topics - 5

By Kik (1315 words)
Posted in Advice & Tips on March 30, 2012

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Step away from the chicken nuggets and put on some makeup - get yourself out of the house this weekend and get some ADULT CONVERSATION going.  

Worried that back to back episodes of Yo Gaba Gaba has you out of the loop? Well here's your week update on all the cool things that people will be talking about this weekend. 




I’m not sure if nothing happened in politics this week or if missing Morning Joe every morning took me completely out of the loop.  But it seems like  “The race” was pretty quiet as healthcare took over. (SOURCE)

As someone who went without healthcare for a year and who now faces surgery I realize the importance of having coverage.

What’s your opinion on healthcare?  While I don’t agree that a “Nanny State” is the best place to be, I personally think that America is not practicing capitalism in the way that makes it possible for “the market” (meaning the entire market not just the stock market) to allow the majority of people to secure healthcare. 

Repeated bailouts of the wealthy started us down a path to a different type of economy than capitalism – I just don’t understand why that wouldn’t extend to healthcare for all citizens as well.  If we don’t want to do this, we need to stop bailing out industries and areas of the market to only benefit the wealthy – right?

Also – I watch way too many episodes of House to make me think that I ever want to be uninsured again!






Vogue Magazine Diet Mom

YOWZA.  The day I got this month’s Vogue (with JLo on the cover) I read the story about the mom who put her daughter on a diet. (SOURCE

The story itself didn’t upset me at all.  I firmly believe that being your child’s dietician is a responsibility that every parent has.  I may have a slightly different philosophy than this woman (I focus way more on exercise than simply trying to cut back on Sophie’s intake of food because she is still growing so quickly) but we all have our own issues with weight and I would imagine that we do our best to try and teach our children how to manage them better than we have. 

BUT (and this is a big but) – I was really saddened by the very end of the article.  I hope that it was something that this mom “miswrote” or “mis-explained” to her readership, because if indeed she did have this conversation with her daughter it is a really damaging state of mind to pass on to your child. 

This is the part that bothered me: 

“For Bea, the achievement is bittersweet.  When I ask her if she likes how she looks now, if she’s roud of what she’s accomplished she says yes.  We’ve celebrated with the purchase of many new dresses.  And when she officially reached her goal I took her to a salon and let her get a feather hair extension asa reward, a trend I’d staunchly resisted.  Even so, the person she used to be still weighs on her.  Tears of pain fill her eyes as she reflects on her yearlong journey.

‘That’s still me,’ she says of her former self.  “I’m not a different person just because I lost sixteen pounds,” I protest that indeed she is different.  At this moment that fat girl is a thing of the past.  A tear rolls down her beautiful cheek, past the glued-in feather.  “Just because its in the past,” she says “doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.”

Anyone who has lost weight or battled weight knows – it doesn’t change who you are.  It may make you a bit stronger, or make you able to feel stronger because it is an accomplishment, but you are still the same person.  I worry that the author’s daughter being told that a different weight makes her a different person, is still unhappy with other areas of her self – which is often times a huge contributing factor in weight gain and other addictions.  I would hope that her mom would be able to recognize this and work on her accepting and loving who she is as a person, just as much as she wants her daughter to accept and love her body. 


Speaking of books, for all of you writers out there – Anne Lamott – who wrote one of my FAVORITE books for writers (Bird by Bird) gave some cool writing advice while on book tour with her son for a book they co-wrote about his first year as a dad. (SOURCE)

AND – if anyone you know keeps a blog about books- they should enter this contest:

To win tickets to Book Expo America


He-Man Woman Haters Club

Do you think that Augusta National should have to allow female members? (SOURCE)

IBM is a sponsor of the Masters – and their new CEO is a woman.  The other major sponsors’ CEOs are members and they are members and will be there in green jackets – which is not an option for IBM CEO Ginny Rometty….ummm awkward?



Do you keep a Tumblr blog?  I do!  (Our corporate blog is on Tumblr).  The site announced this week that it had reached 20 BILLION posts!! (SOURCE) MUAHAHAHAHAH!!!



Here’s a great conversation for dinner.  What would you do with $500 MILLION dollars?  It’s almost incalculable.  After taxes you would get at least $250 Million – and that means that you could pick 100 of your closest friends – give them each $1 MILLION and then STILL have $150m left over.  That is crazy!  

But here are some tips on things you SHOULD do if you do win: (ADVICE

You could also buy this residence at the Stanhope Hotel on Fifth Avenue in NYC – it’s a steal at $30m!!  (SOURCE)




Isn’t this an awesome site?  GoodKarma Clothes For Kids 

It is a subscription service that provides busy parents with like-new baby clothes in sizes Newborn through 24 months so they don’t have to spend a fortune to keep up with fast growing little bodies.  Sign up today to receive your first Bundle delivered to your door, washed and ready to wear. 

I don’t know about you but when Sophie was growing (like a weed – still is – she is about five feet eight inches in the seventh grade!) we were always at our local second hand stores both buying and selling.  The idea behind GoodKarma is brilliant especially if you are busy or don’t have a good second hand store in your area.

We found it via the best email newsletter we have discovered in a long time – if you aren’t signed up for Founding Moms (which is for moms who have their own businesses but has so much invaluable information for any woman)



Of course it’s only like 15 seconds – but I cannot wait.  Sophie ditched me last year and saw it with her friends.  I only finally got to see it On Demand a few weeks ago.  But I’m happy I waited, because now my wait until the sequel is shorter… 



I don’t know if you saw but OUR iPHONE app launched this week….and here – I found another cool app that I think everyone should have.  The Circle of 6.  What a great idea – From “Social Times” 

The “Circle of 6 iPhone app, winner of the White House “Apps Against Abuse” challenge, uses GPS technology and pre-programmed texts to quickly connect you to your friends, no matter how late it is or how much you’ve had to drink.”

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