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Small Talk: Big Topics - 6

By Kik (1128 words)
Posted in Advice & Tips on April 6, 2012

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TGIF!!!  Most of us are looking at a couple of days next week where the kids are home.  YOWZA! (shades of summer vacation – oy).  On top of that it’s a holiday and you may also be hosting or travelling to spend some time with friends and family.  So chances are you have an action packed weekend that will NOT leave you feeling relaxed.  BUT – we’ve blogged about all the week’s events so that at least you feel SMART!!




Well – we brought it up last week – but it seems like the Presidential candidates have weighed in with their opinions on on AUGUSTA-gate (the club where the Masters golf is being played).  And they seem to think that women should be allowed to join the club. (SOURCE)

Here’s the thing.  I don’t know if I agree.  Is that crazy?  Maybe its easy – because I don’t play golf, could care less about golf, and could never afford to join a place like Augusta.  But I sort of think that if a place does not receive any government funding, subsidies, etc – that it should be allowed to make up the rules that it would like. 

Because I don’t see the downside.  If clubs like that exist, and people choose to join them – it tells me something about them.  I would always rather know who is ignorant, biased, or prejudiced.  That is a lot better than not knowing who those people are. 


In other political news, Romney kicked some serious butt this week in the primaries, winning Wisoncin, Maryland and DC.  That left most people predicting the rest of the candidates would call it a day – but it appears Santorum is going to hold on and head to Pennsylvania – to hopefully win his home state and maybe then go out on a high note looking forward to 2016?



BREAKING NEWS: Pretty girls have it easy.


“I’m not smug and I’m no flirt, yet over the years I’ve been dropped by countless friends who felt threatened if I was merely in the presence of their other halves. If their partners dared to actually talk to me, a sudden chill would descend on the room.”

That’s what Samantha Brick wrote in the DailyMail.  Sure she’s cute – but I would venture to assume that her friends dropping her probably had less to do with how she looks and more to do with how she acts.  You make your own decision but someone who assumes her “mere presence” gives other women a paralyzing inferiority complex is probably fawning all over the men in the room waiting for them to admire her beauty – right? 

Is it bitchy to throw out there that I also dare you to look at Mrs. Brick’s picture and not wonder What the heck she is talking about? 




Speaking of real (actual) beautiful women – Mary J Blige was entangled in a brouhaha when she let Burger King hire her for a commercial for fried chicken.  Burger King tried to do right by Mary by saying the commercial was “unfinished” and would be much different when next we see it – but I don’t know if I believe that. (SOURCE)


IN OTHER BREAKING NEWS:  Oprah is not infallible.




The Coast Guard fired cannons to sink a Japanese “ghost ship” that has been floating around the ocean for the past year since the Tsunami.  I think this is cool because can you imagine all the possible movie stories that this story could have taken? (SOURCE)




Did you know what things on your face can give away that you are lying?  I’ll totally be using this on Sophie… HINT: It’s not actually your nose - but it is all in the upper face (SOURCE



Wegmans and Trader Joes were voted best supermarkets.  Say What???  Where is Kings??  Kings rocks.  (SOURCE)



I’m going to say something that will potentially get me into trouble.  I like my men dumb.  Dumb with six pack abs. 


Why?  Not because I am body obsessed.  Its because I am obsessed with always being right.  I prefer the challenge of a man with a brain – but they wear down to easily under my always being right.  Guys that enter the relationship knowing that I am smarter stand a better chance of lasting.  (this is maybe why I shouldn’t blog in streams of consciousness)

Anyway - this woman decided that too many women are dumbing down their success in order not to give the men in their lives inferiority complexes.  I say find a man that is not inferior then.  lol.  (SOURCE




Did you try and get your child’s picture taken with the Easter Bunny?  I’ve never tried this with Sophie. I’m not a big fan of the Easter Bunny, or long lines – but I am a big fan of hilarious pictures of kids terrified by the Easter bunny.  If you are too – you might enjoy this slideshow that iVillage put together. (SOURCE



I’m sorry – I cannot get behind this trend.  And usually things like accessorizing trends are too good to pass up – I mean – nail polish is never the wrong size.  It never makes you feel fat.  But this – would definitely make me feel ugly.  Nails should be plain – or maybe a little pop of color – but texture?  Diamante?  Swirling designs?  No thank you. (SOURCE)

But I do love passing this nail salon every now and then..... LOLOLOL





Have you checked out Beyonce’s Blog yet?  Lots of pictures of the gorgeous lady.  I want it to make me angry – but it doesn’t.  It actually makes me feel a little tired, and a little bad – because I cannot imagine what life would be like if I had a professional photographer following me around all the time, (even in St Barts!  Lordy the pressure!)

 Some cool things? was a discovery I made this week (via StumbleUpon) and this video is only one of the fun things on there. And as a sidenote – I totally need to get an I <3 TOFU shirt.  LMAO.  (SOURCE



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