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Small Talk: Big Topics (8)

By Kik (1507 words)
Posted in Advice & Tips on April 20, 2012

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Well – we’re there – it’s the end of the week, and if your week was anything like mine you may be feeling like you are limping across the finish line. 

But – the weekend is for LIVING!  So take those allergy pills, get out your summer clothes, make that mental shift into the warm weather months, and get out there!!!  Below are some of the things that happened this week that are great conversation topics for your weekend activities!  TGIF!!




SHHHH Its Called Secret Service

Most of Washington DC seemed to be reeling from the major Secret Service scandal.  If you haven’t heard – a bunch of Secret Service Agents were on an advance prep trip to Colombia (not the safest place in the world) and were caught partying with hookers in their room (some of whom were possibly underage – SOURCE). And, perhaps the most embarrassing thing for these agents is that the whole thing was sparked over an argument over money.  One would think that $700 would not be a high enough amount to risk one’s career over.  Amazing. 

Perhaps the only actual bi-partisan institution in our nation’s Capital, the Secret Service agents that have been caught up in the Colombia scandal have possibly unleashed a firestorm within the agency.  Events like this that are this wide reaching typically indicate a level of acceptance within an agency (from the top down) – so it will be interesting to see what else this uncovers. 




A Catholic Bishop has come under fire (along with the church) for comparing President Obama to Hitler (SOURCE

Much of this stems from the recent skirmishes over whether or not all organizations have to give employees the right to healthcare services that clash with those organizations religious beliefs. 

A complaint has been filed because the church’s ability to operate within the US and not pay taxes depends on an agreement that the church will not speak out for or against any political candidate for office. 

What do you think?  Do you think that the Bishop has the right to speak his mind from behind the pulpit regarding politics while the church itself does not have to pay taxes?  I think that factor changes it for me a bit.  Everyone has a right to speak, but even corporations that the Supreme Court decided last year have the same rights as individuals are expected to pay taxes (at least theoretically – lol). 




Washington DC was able to have an uplifting experience this week though as the Space Shuttle Discovery looped around the city several times on its voyage to its final home at the museum.  A really beautiful photo journal on this event can be found HERE

I know someone who watched this in the air over DC last week, and she commented how nice it was to have a new memory of looking up at the sky at something beautiful, rather than the feelings that have lingered with so many of us over 9/11 at looking up at the skies in fear. 

***Another space shuttle will be flown to NYC this week, and they hope to do a similar fly by.  I am definitely hoping to get a glimpse and even a photo of that.  That will be MONDAY APRIL 23  “The exact route and timing of the flight depend on weather and operational constraints, including the on-time delivery of space shuttle Discovery to the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum Stephen F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Va., this week. If all goes as planned, the aircraft is expected to fly near a variety of landmarks in the metropolitan area, including the Statue of Liberty and the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum.”




Suck it Today Show

Good Morning America finally beat the Today Show in ratings.  Are you a Good Morning America Fan?  Or a Today Show fan?  SOURCE

Personally I'm neither.  I'm a Morning Joe person - although I have been tempted to watch the new CBS Morning Show as well - which features Oprah's best friend Gail and which I have heard is really good.  



Smarty Pants

Most days I know my kid is smarter than me – but at least when she was four I knew I had some advantage over her!  This little five year old girl just was admitted to MENSA – as her IQ level is potentially smarter than Einstein!! (SOURCE)

I don’t know about you – but I would hate to put that much pressure on my kid – it might be fine for the family to know you are smart but to have the whole world expect you to be smarter than Einstein???  That’s a bit insane.  Anything less than building a time machine and she’ll pretty much be pegged as a failure to humanity.  Sigh. 




Would you go see a dead performer in concert?  That’s what some people did this week when they were surprised to see Tupac Shakur performing at Coachella – a big music festival that takes place every year on the West Coast.  (SOURCE)

 Tupac Shakur performed – via a hologram image of his previous performances.  People who were there seem to have been overwhelmed by the experience of watching someone rise from the dead so realistically (especially Tupac – where fans have kept alive conspiracy theories that have him living somewhere else under an assumed name). 

Depending on your age, you might be very familiar with Tupac – I remember the senseless nature of his death – which was the height of a terrible time in music when money was being made at the highest levels by promoting feuds between musicians for promotional reasons.  It all came to a head with the deaths of two gifted musicians – and what makes me so sad about this “resurrection” via hologram is that people are still making money off the murders of Tupac and Biggie. 





Does your family have a tablet computer?  More than one?  We do.  My daughter’s iPad is with her all of the time, and she uses it mainly – for television.  That does not make me proud, but as a tech person it does make me take notice.  Between the ABC Family app and our Comcast app (that lets her watch free movies on demand and even the things off our DVR!) she sucks in more tv than I could have ever imagined.


AND the funny thing is – I made a big deal for the past two years that there would never be a tv in her room!  Little did I know when I got her that tablet that it basically was a travelling tv – like the kind I dreamed about having when I was her age.  Sigh. 

Anyway – a study commissioned by Viacom this week seems to say that Sophie is not the only one watching tv on her tablet.  “Tablets have quickly become the preferred second-screen alternative to TVs for viewing full-length episodes -- ahead of computers -- with tablet owners reporting that 15% of their TV show viewing happens on the devices, according to a new study commissioned by Viacom.” SOURCE

Does this change your mind about tablets?  They are also so great for e-books and for games (even educational games) that it would be a shame if they did simply turn into travelling televisions.




I guess we have Reese Witherspoon to thank for this one.  Plastic Surgeons say that the surge in popularity for chin surgeries is focused mainly on giving women a more prominent chin.  SOURCE 

Honestly – it’s the only plastic surgery I think I would consider.  Although I’ve made it this far with the chin I have – so I’m thinking I’ll finish the race with this one too.  But – if I were to change my mind – it would cost me about $2k for chin surgery.  That’s actually a lot cheaper than I thought it would be.  Now – if only they had a surgery that could make my neck longer. 

What plastic surgery would you have?



Pulitzer Prizes

There was NO PULITZER PRIZE awarded for fiction this year.  Say whaaa??  Quel Scandal!!!  This caused quite an uproar.  (SOURCE)  What do you think?  Who would you have given the award to?  Have you read ANY good books lately? (We have not – it seems like there has been a DEARTH of good fiction out there – and do NOT hand me any of that “Fifty Shades of Gray” crap!)  THe full list of prizes can be found: HERE






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