Cheesy Kale

To gain strength and energy is to eat such a great dish as ‘Cheesy Kale”.  Will you ask why? Let’s find out.

Ricotta is a traditional Italian dairy product. Ricotta cheese is made not of milk but of whey (remaining after the preparation of mozzarella or other cheese).

Ricotta cheese contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals necessary for human health. It contains vitamins A and E, which are responsible for eyesight and renewal of the skin, B vitamins that normalize the nervous system. But the most important component is calcium which improves the condition of hair, nails and the entire skeletal system.

As for chia seeds, chia is an annual herb in Central and South Mexico. The Aztecs believed that chia seeds gave them a super-power and therefore ate them before going on a hunt, as chia seeds increased endurance, gave strength and energy. Chia seeds are very popular among vegetarians in Europe and the United States as it is an additional source of calcium. 100 g of seeds contains 631 mg of calcium.

In addition, chia seeds contain zinc, phosphorus, vitamin A, E and C, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin. Also, chia seeds are a very good source of calcium, omega-3, fiber, potassium, magnesium. Knowing that, it is understandable why they say that chia seed gives energy and strength.

In the recipe there is another ingredient – basil. Its homeland is Iran, India and other tropical regions of Asia, where this plant was used for culinary and medicinal purposes for over 5000 years. The word “basil” is derived from the Greek “king”, as in the Greek and other Mediterranean cuisine, this plant was considered the king of herbs.

In fact, basil cleanses the organism. This herb (fresh leaf juice and oil) contains carotene, sugar, volatile, rutin and vitamin C, PP, B2. In Indian culture, it is believed that basil helps to improve memory and increase brain activity as well as provides the body with immunostimulatory effects. Perhaps that is why the Indians worship holy basil – it is the second sacred plant after the lotus. Nowadays, basil is also known as a powerful tonic for an organism. This plant is widely used in aromatherapy. It can fight stresses.

Thanks to the spicy aroma and sweet-bitter taste, basil is also widely used in cooking:

  • – the seeds are added to soups, salads and even some drinks;
  • – it is used both fresh and dry;
  • – fresh basil is ideal for some types of meat;
  • – it is added to fish, vegetables, cheeses;
  • – basil is added to various sauces;
  • – in fact, it goes well with other spices and herbs;
  • – it’s used in canned and ready-to-cook products.

A little amount of basil is useful for children in some way. It neutralizes carcinogens, improves digestion and speeds up metabolism.

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