Baby’s Fortune or What You Should Have Before a Baby’s Birth

All pregnant women can be divided into two parts. Some expecting moms try not to buy baby things before its birth, trusting superstitions, and the others pre-stock all the necessities. If a woman is calmer, the necessary things can be purchased after the baby’s birth. Moreover, today there is no shortage, and many shops offer a lot of different baby goods. But regardless of whether you buy everything in advance or at the last minute, you must really know what should be prepared for your newborn.

Feeding items: bottles, a sterilizer, a set of brushes and formula.

Of course, each category claims a more detailed approach. So, let’s start!


If a baby is breastfed, the mother must have such things as a breast pump, bottles for storing breast milk, a sterilizer, and special bras convenient for breast feeding.

If the newborn is fed with formula, you’ll also need feeding bottles, a thermos for feeding while walking.


For a healthy, restful sleep your baby will need a crib or cradle for the newborn, a waterproof cloth, blankets, at least 2 sets of bed linen, a soother if you like.


You can bathe your baby in a baby bath tub or, as some experts advise, in the 'adult' bath tub. In general, swimming in the large tub is included in the list of the first tempering procedures for newborns!

Newborn Care

To make sure your baby is healthy, clean, neat, cheerful and charming, you will have to take care of wiping, dressing, lubricating, using talcum. To do this, you will certainly need such baby changing facilities as a diaper board or a changing table (it’s equipped with comfortable fittings and drawers to store everything you need: oils, baby talcum, diapers, clothes, etc.), diapers (disposal and for multiple usage), a strategic supply of disposable diapers and wipes, special items for care (nail scissors, special comb, cotton swabs, nasal aspirator), a newborn medicine box (for baby medicated drops, powders, sprays, ointments, and syrups).

Other Useful Assistants

For your walks with the baby, a stroller will come in handy. As a variant, you may choose a sling or a carrying bag. It is believed that in the beginning babies do not need any special toys. In the first month of the life, the baby sees vaguely and is not able to grab anything. However, it hears excellent. Therefore, it will be useful to buy rattles and musical mobiles for cribs, strollers which should be placed at the distance of about 30 cm.

A humidifier is especially useful for those who live in the center of large cities, and therefore, in need of a clean, fresh and not over-dry climate. Baby Monitor is the device that allows hearing the baby wake up or not. Typically, the signal is in the range of 100-150 meters.

A car seat is a must-have for your child’s safety while driving.

On the whole, there are no compulsory items, it all depends on you. Our article is just a trigger for thinking of what you really need.